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Packers Suck link list

Packerhaters Club: Packerhater club...Hilarious Graphics. Also, the Packer hater Prayer is featured on this site
Anti-Packer Association: Great site for packer hating citizens
Green Bay Packers Suck Message Board: New addition to the site. Enjoy!
Fourth and long Fantasy Football: Free Info, stats, message board. You name it, They got it.
Redneck Packer Page: Hilarious Reggie White/Mike Holmgren bashing. Read the Packer Fan Application
Viking Underground: Voted Best NFL Fans Site for last year
Beseen - Free Stuff: Free Chat, Page hit counters, and message boards
Packers Suck...Chat: Anti-Packer Real Time Discussion

Joe Packerhater
United States

Green    Bay    Packers...The    team    America    loves    to    hate

The Green Bay Packers are America's team?? Not on a cold day in Duluth.
Let's face it: Nobody likes a frontrunner. The fans are hot and cold in
Wisconsin. They have got a cap of every team in the NFL in their attic,
and whichever team is the hottest, that's the cap the wear. Right now,
they've got their Seahawks hat on. The Packers couldn't sell out a game
in Milwaukee. I remember those games, HAhahaha. Rows upon rows of empty
stands, now filled in Lambeau with drunks, degenerates, losers, and 
mustached female ex-postal workers. I hate the packers so much, I wrote 
this. It's a parody of the Lord's prayer.
Our Favre, who art in jail, hallowed be thy painkillers. Thy Vikings
come, thy will be done, he will be sacked 15 times. Give them this day
their daily loss, and forgive them nothing, as they go onto lose by 50
points. And lead them not into victory, but the hall of shame, because
forever and ever, the Packers suck.

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Packers Losses

Loss 1 at Lambeau Minnesota 37 Green Bay 24

This game was a laugher. Brett Favre continued to have a jinx against the mighty Vikings, throwing for 114 yards and 3 interceptions. I feel sorry for the fantasy football owners who had Brett Favre that day. The starting offense accounted for 3 points. Whoever was starting at wide receiver, be it Monica Lewinsky or my German shepherd with hip problems could have caught 5 for 190 and 2 touchdowns, but on Monday night, Randy Moss put those stats up. Packer Grade ... F No Offense, No Defense Viking Grade ... A+ Exploited weaknesses and played strong D

Loss 2 at The Pontiac Silverdome

Favre continued to struggle, throwing 3 interceptions. The Packer secondary made rookie starter Charlie Batch look like Steve Young. Batch threw for 216 and 2 Tds, but the Packers killed themselves against a weak team. The Lions lost to Arizona, ao in theory, the Cardinals can beat the Packers. LOL Lion Grade...B Balanced o + Ball-hunting d=Victory Packer Grade D Continue to kill themselves

Loss 3 at Three Rivers, Pittsburgh For the second time this year, their defense killed them instead of Brett Favre. The injury bug got rid of Travis Jervey, a running back out of the Citadel, so the Packers have one less gay player on their team.The defense gave up 27 straight points to a struggling offense led by Kordell Stewart, before the offense started a futile effort to tie or take the lead. Steeler Grade...A How Kordell got his groove a weak defense. Packer Grade...D Favre shoots himself in the foot most weeks, but now, it's the defenses turn.